Customer Service

Order and Payment

As easy as ABC. Surf our shop anywhere, anytime, while rocking the crib or nursing the baby. Let us know what items caught your eye by adding them to the cart. We’ll pack them and drive them straight to your doorstep (well not straight – it might take a couple of days – but you know what we mean!). Pay cash on delivery and enjoy!

Shipping and Delivery

We are taking baby steps. While our shipping and delivery services are currently only available inside Lebanon, we are happy to inform you that we are continuously working on expanding our reach in the Middle East.

Return / Exchange Policy

We know that having to put up with an item you do not like is not fun. And all we are here to do is make you comfortable. So, in order to avoid going back and forth and wasting your time, we ask you to check the product and confirm your satisfaction upon delivery and before you pay. Please refer to the FAQ point 9.